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Santoor - Bhajan Sopouri Style
The Santoor is made from well seasoned Mulberry wood for best sound, tone and stable tuning. Fitted with fine craftsmanship specially made tuning pegs and 41 bridges made from sheesham wood with bone edging.The Sticks or Kalams used for playing santoor are made from Sheesham wood. 11 Tarab strings fitted for extra resonance and Tumbi as a stand for comfortable playing posture. The santoor is tuned according to the Raga(scale) to the key of D or D#.
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Swarmandal is made from well-seasoned Mulberry wood. Fitted with specially made tuning pegs for stable and accurate tuning. Total number of strings range from 30 to 36. Swarmandal is tuned according to the Ragas.
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Swar Jhankar
SWAR JHANKAR is a beautiful sounding instrument shaped like a Harp of the western counterpart.It has 15 strings which can be tuned to the scale one wishes to play.The drone can be maintained by plucking the 1st string with one hand and the desired note with the other.Machine head screws are fitted for easy tuning. C-tuning is the best tuning.
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Surbahar is a bigger version of sitar.It was adapted & modified by sitar players who wanted the low frequency sound of a veena.It is made from well seasoned tun wood for a long sustainig sound. Surbahar is fully decorated with rich pen engraving and wood carving. The Surbahar is tuned to G# and A.The string combination is : Main-8 strings and Sympathetic-12 string.
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Shankar Guitar
Shankar Guitar is an amalgamation of sitar and guitar.The basic shape is like a guitar and the body including the neck is hollow and is made from well-seasoned cedar wood.It is played with a slide and the tone is close to the sound of veena. It has 9 main strings and 11 sympathetic strings.
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Saraswati Veena
Saraswati Veena is made from well-seasoned jack fruit wood with rich pen engraving and inlay work. The string combination is:7 main strings for long susatining sound & rich tone.
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Geetanjali Sitar
This sitar is an amalgamation of Pt. Ravi Shankar and Ustad Vilayat Khan style sitar.It is fully decorated with rosewood inlay or inlay of engraved celluloid. The string combinations is: 8 main strings and 13 to 14 sympathetic strings.
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Ovation Surbahar
Professional full-size surbahar with an all wooden acoustic box. Machine head screws are used for fine tuning.The string combination is:8 main strings and 11 to 12 Sympathetic strings.The total length of the surbahar is 47". Made from well seasoned tun wood, with full decoration of rich pen engraving and wood carving, long sustaining sound and fine tonal quality.
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In this new innovative sarod design,the size of the sarod has been made more compact,so that it is ideal for travel purpose.It is good for studio works as has flexibility in tuning.Can be tuned from A# to C#.The finger board has been designed so that it is easier for the left hand to slide.There are 8 main strings and 9 sympathetic strings.Fitted with machine head screws for a stable and easier tuning.
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This instrument is shaped like a Veena, but the whole body including the neck is hollow for top quality sound. The base of the acoustic box is flat. It is made from well-seasoned cedar wood. There are fret markings same as a usual guitar which makes it easier for the player to slide the right notes. There are 7 to 8 Main strings and 11 Sympathetic strings.
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