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Tanmoy Bose, a distinguished tabla player of the present generation, was born into a family of music connoisseurs. The world of rhythm and percussion fascinated him from his very childhood , and he was driven by a keen desire to learn the tabla.

He has been privileged in receiving ‘talim’, or training , from the late Kanai Dutta and is now continuing his training from Pandit Shankar Ghosh in the ‘guru-shishya parampara’. Tanmoy combines technique, so successfully acquired from his guru, and his own imagination and dexterity, to bring forth music that is at once enthralling and exciting for his audience. His well-rounded, aesthetic approach to music is also partly due to his vocal training by Shree Maharaj Banerjee and his training on the harmonium by the late Pandit Mantu Banerjee.

Tanmoy has the proud privilege of playing as an accompanist to a galaxy of maestroes and many celibrities from home and abroad. Tanmoy possesses a perfect, highly disciplined and incomparable sound technique. He is an expert in time-splitting with all the variations of numerical groupings and phased reductions that are the essence of tabla playing. His specialty is in playing long stretches of unbroken rhythm types in a graceful, balanced and mellifluous manner, without the slightest hint of any over-playing. His dexterous fingers have acquired a melodic sensitiveness to the tabla’s finest nuances.

Tanmoy’s spiritual heritage is deeply rooted in Indian tradition according to which it is believed that music is the most palpable expression of the divinity pervading the universe. It is evident that Tanmoy will emerge as a significant link between the past and the future of Indian Classical music.
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