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Kishori Amonkar is one of India's well-known classical singers. She learned the art of khayal singing from her mother Mogubai Kurdikar who in turn was a disciple of one India's greatest masters, Ustad Alladiya Khansahab.

She is very much inspired by the teachings of the ancient Vedic sagas, written at a time when vocal music was highly devotional in character. This soul searching quality of her music, coupled with a very intellectual approach to raga performance has gained her quite a following in India and has helped to revive the study of khayal.

She is an ideal student of her subject. She has thought consistently and deeply on the various problems that face a creative artist. Thc hard core of her philosophy of Music is her faith in its power to transcend the material world and touch the spiritual. Her notes are divine and their singing is sacred. With her singing, a concert hall is transformed into a temple and the listeners become her Guru Raghavendra. There- fore, after a concert, whenever and wherever, she humbly bows down her head at the people in front- this gesture has an added dimension.

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